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Personal Trainers NYC

Fitness Program: The NY Way of Regaining Your Fitness

Do you want to be healthy and fit? Then you need to train under the guidance of world class -NYC personal trainers. Body by Serge can provide you with one. Knowing more about The Art & Science of Personal Training with the help of Body By Serge is the first step to achieving a healthier body.

In the old days, you could be considered physically fit if you could perform a day?s work without undue fatigue, and if you could stick to specific diet, weight loss pills & general exercise programs. You have to remember, however, that body building workout routines can make you muscular but it can?t guarantee your health. Today the definition of fitness and health has been both expanded upon and refined.

If you dream of obtaining optimum health free of any type of disease, world class training and trainer are both required. In New York, there are a great number of gyms that offer programs and training system that may not be at all effective. Unlike these gyms, Body by Serge offers programs that are effective in both reducing weight and making the muscles more functional.

One of the biggest problems of people living in NY is obesity. If you are in NYC weight loss and fitness are both considered gray areas by fitness gurus simply because there are people in this place who train real hard but end up eating calorie-rich meals at home. Health doesn?t just mean well-defined muscle or weight loss, or looking like a celebrity. Actually, there are elite Manhattan, NY certified trainers that are now revamping their fitness program to accommodate seniors and fat or obese clients.

Today with Manhattan, NY personal trainers to guide you, fitness does not just mean general body fitness; it also means a state where body and mind complement each other. Since every thought has a physical response, ?right thinking? is essential to personal training in NYC.

Effective physical training has five components: flexibility, strength building, body composition, aerobic fitness, and muscular endurance. An effective trainer in Manhattan, NY can help you obtain flexibility and prevent structural injuries caused by weight training. A person interested in this system can contact Personal Trainers to help create a unique program using muscle toning, body toning, weightlifting, workout routines, and weight loss. If you are seeking to master The Art & Science of Personal Training, Body by Serge is the place to go.

Serge Pretto, personal trainers NYC , offers a wide range of personal fitness training experience to fit an individual’s needs. His business is your business; offering personal trainers NYC personalized evaluations and assessments for individuals as well as personal trainers NYC for specialized group programs for families, youths, women and men. Personalized personal trainers NYC home instruction is also available.

The personal trainers NYC offers aid to people with many different medical needs, whether a life long illness or an injury due to physical stress upon muscles and joints, personal trainers NYC can help. You need not be an athlete or a dancer to profit from stylized personal trainers NYC stretching classes. Injuries occur to students, parents, pedestrians, and anyone within a job that demands a person to bend, lift, reach, or carry. Serge Pretto’s personal trainers NYC have programs to fit every lifestyle.

Focus is on health throughout all personal trainers NYC services. Fitness personal trainers NYC depend on a balance of nutrition and vitamins, as well as body workouts. personal trainers NYC offer strength and fitness without steroids and other harmful substances. Serge Pretto’s personal trainers NYC guide you to your goals legally and ethically.

Serge Pretto’s success as a personal trainer/coach is directly linked to his ability to be organized and to employ appropriate training tools. Like most complex human activities, personal training ought to be well organized and planned in order to assure the achievement of the training objectives. Serge’s ability to tailor workouts to an individual’s needs has been developed by over twenty years of experience.

During his undergraduate studies in Physical Education, a doctor asked his help in the rehabilitation of several patients. This led to Serge training eight doctors, and eventually their patients.

During his career, Serge has owned and operated gyms in New York, and Florida. He has consulted with hotels who wished to build fitness centers.

His client list includes but is not limited to doctors, athletes and actors. He has been a drug-free champion bodybuilder and served as an adviser to drug-free bodybuilding organizations.

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